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A Guide to the Primal App: Earn Crypto While You Exercise – It is possible to win by training with Nunez

PRIMAL is the first fan token project with an integrated fitness app that allows users to earn by exercising (Move-to-Earn). PRIMAL has licensed over 250 star athletes in football, UFC, cricket and other major sports leagues. Liverpool team’s striker Nunez and Manchester City’s famous football player Mahrez will be just the first of these.

PRIMAL has been integrated with Apple, Fitbit, Whoop and other fitness devices, opening up a market with over 100 million instant users. A key feature of the PRIMAL ecosystem is the Fan Token Offerings (FTO), which provides the infrastructure to issue fan tokens to the most beloved global athletes. The first FTO was announced for Liverpool Footballer Darwin Nunez on March 30, 2023.

PRIMAL is incubated by Step App, the largest web3 fitness ecosystem and one of the most successful digital asset launches of 2022.

What is Primal?

PRIMAL is the main governance and utility token of the project. PRIMAL powers our entire ecosystem. It is used for peer-to-peer asset trading, staking, locks, buybacks, and burns. It also benefits from ecosystem fees. Staking $PRIMAL also offers access to our app and interaction with athletes through Inner Circle and Athlete Fan Tokens.

$PRIMAL is our main governance & Utility token. $PRIMAL powers our entire ecosystem. It is used for peer-to-peer asset trading, staking, locks, buybacks and burns. It also benefits from ecosystem fees. Staking $PRIMAL also offers access to our app and interaction with athletes through the Inner Circle and Athlete Fan Tokens.

There are multiple benefits to staking $PRIMAL including:

Free NFTs: Stake $PRIMAL at launch to receive free PRIMAL NFTs.
Rewards: $PRIMAL to activate earnings on your PRIMAL NFTs when using our move to earn app.
Discounts: Stake to reduce NFT trading fees from 2.5% to 2% (0.5% discount).
DAO Power: Staking participants can use the DAO vote to burn 50% of the collected NFT trading fees to reduce circulating supply.
Staking Yield: Up to 50% of NFT trading fees are available as staking rewards.

Fan Tokens – 
People will use $PRIMAL to purchase fan tokens from every athlete in the PRIMAL ecosystem adding significant buying pressure to the token.

Inner Circles –
One of our main USP’s Inner Circles (think Patreon meets masterclass for athletes) users will pay $PRIMAL to athletes in order to access their inner circles, training camps, exclusive content and forums.

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App – $PRIMAL can be used & earned through our NFT marketplace in the app as well as used to purchase brands & athletes goods.

Staking $PRIMAL also provides a lot of benefits from discounts on NFT trading fees, limited edition NFTs and more.

Is it possible to Earn Tokens with Primal?

Primal has been at the forefront with the importance it attaches to its investors and users since its first day. With the latest updates, it is possible to earn Tokens in the application. Although this token, which is described as Energy Token, is not on the market at the time of writing, it is possible to earn Energy Tokens in practice. The value of the token will be determined after it is released.

In order to earn tokens with the Move To Earn logic, it is necessary to perform walking, running or similar activities with the help of the application. Of course, you also need to have an NFT.

Primal has already made 2 different NFT sales. Gold and Titanium NFTs were the first NFTs to be sold. Titanium NFT stands out with its Artificial Intelligence support. NFTs are currently tradeable on Opensea.

NFT Sales link:

The way to have a Fighter with Primal and earn money is available on the app. Now let’s examine how we can have NFT and how much we can earn with it.





How to Get Primal NFT? How to Earn?

First you need to download the Get Primal application. There are shortcuts for google and iOS applications on site. You need to download the app and create an account. Here we leave the reference code you need to use when creating an account: KVDT7KWK

To purchase NFT, you need to have a MetaMask wallet and purchase NFT from the Opensea link above. It is not possible to comment on NFT sales prices due to the fact that the ROI to be generated is not clear as the Energy Token value earned is not clear in the current situation. At the time of writing, NFT minimum prices are around 5-6 BNB.

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You can earn Tokens at the highest rate if you have Gold NFT + Titanium NFT. The gain rate with Gold NFT is higher than the Titanium NFT win rate.

After purchasing NFT, it will be transferred to your Metamusk wallet. After that, you need to go to and get an Early Code for NFT definition to the application. When you enter this code into the application, you are now ready to earn Energy Tokens.



When you start the activity by logging in from the Run/Walk section of the Train section, the application starts to run. After the activity is over, you earn according to the step you take. The example you see here shows that with the Titanium NFT, 19.52 Energy is gained after 2145 steps. There is no daily limit in the app for now. You can run as many applications as you want.



What Is the Future of Primal Tokens?

It stands out as the first project to combine MoveToEarn and Fan Token as a primal project. It continues on its way with a strategy that aims to lead by creating its own sector. The token, which has increased by 500% in the last 2-3 weeks, announced that the efforts to enter 1 more big stock market are at the last level. It also continues its growth program with firm steps. You can follow all the developments on the project’s social media accounts and Telegram channel.



In February and March, we will be releasing multiple ecosystem products that empower the $PRIMAL token and core community: the holders.

With this period, together, we’ll kickstart the Decentralized Fan Economy.

I. Releases Expected for next 60 days

– 1st Fan Token Offering: Darwin Nunez
– Deep Partnership with a top 50 ecosystem in web3
– $ENRGY token launch and lottery
– Fan Token DEX
– New website reveal
– and many more undisclosed details

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II. Road to Mainnet Phase Global

Our Mainnet is rolled out in tranches, maximizing the value for early supporters and battle-testing infrastructure for millions of fans.

? Phase 1 (launched yesterday) – for NFT Holders
? Phase 2 – for $PRIMAL stakers
? Phase Global – for the fans of Nunez, Pereira, and 250+ other athletes, with a 1bn+ user target


Where to Buy Primal Token?

One of the most anticipated token listings of the year, PRIMAL has arrived with over 1 million website views, 300,000 active app users, and community support like no other.

Trading started on Kucoin, Bybit, Gate, Pancakeswap and MEXC.

A. Kucoin Trading Link
– USDT and USDC pair

B. Bybit Trading Link
– USDT pair

C. Gate Trading Link
– USDT pair

D. Pancakeswap Trading Link
– BUSD pair

E. MEXC Trading Link
– USDT pair

F. Bridge Link (Step Network to BSC)

How to Make Primal Stakes?

Primal also provide staking opportunities to its investors. The sale, which had a stake APY rate of 55%, was made over Kucoin and closed. It is expected to be repeated in the future.

Also, stakes are required for FTO contributions. The first FTO was announced for Darwin Nunez. It will take place on March 30.


How to Buy Darwin Nunez Fan Token?

Darwin Nunez  is one of the biggest stars in Uruguayan football, playing for one of the biggest English teams – Liverpool FC.

Every PRIMAL Fan Token Offering (FTO) will require to buy $PRIMAL (or USD later converted into $PRIMAL). This ensures constant value flow to $PRIMAL holders with every FTO.

I. How to Participate in the First FTO

There’s limited room to participate in Fan Token Offerings (FTOs). That is why $PRIMAL Stakers in this new pool get first access to all upcoming FTOs.

Once 150M PRIMAL is staked, access to the launchpad pool will close – and these stakers will get first access to our FTOs that will have very limited availability.

Stake NOW:

II. Fan Token Calendar

Athletes with a collective base of more than 300M+ fans across the world are about to issue their Fan Tokens on PRIMAL

Fan Token Offerings is the only way to buy fan tokens before they are listed and promoted by sports stars

Each fan token will be listed in the following way:

FTO Date Announced
FTO sale for $PRIMAL stakers, followed by public FTO
Fan Token listing event on DEX & CEX
Star athlete promotions start



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