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Mozilla stopped receiving cryptocurrency donations after its founder cursed!

Mozilla, a non-profit group and writer of the Firefox browser, has introduced that it has frozen its policy of receiving crypto donations when you consider that 2014.

After abusive reaction…

Mozilla Jamie Zawinski, one among the founders of Mozilla but who has no longer been affiliated with the group seeing that 1999, reacted to this statement as follows: mentioned:

“Hello, whoever manages this account obviously doesn’t realize who i am, but I founded Mozilla and i am scripting this message to mention fuck you. Everybody considering this project that partnered with the scammers that burned the planet must be ashamed of themselves”

After Zawinski’s comment mentioning that cryptocurrencies hurt the character, a new statement from Mozilla, “We Will check out and then we will announce our final decision”. The statement came and it was stated that the cryptocurrency donation gadget has been suspended for the time being:

“Ultimate week, we tweeted that Mozilla had conventional cryptocurrency donations. This publish sparked a serious discussion in regards to the have an effect on of cryptocurrencies at the setting. We additionally take heed to your ideas and act in this case.

Decentralized internet generation continues to be a very powerful area for us and so much has modified given that we started accepting cryptocurrency donations. Therefore, starting as of late, we have made the verdict to rethink our policy regarding cryptocurrency donations. at the time of this evaluation, we’re stopping receiving cryptocurrency donations. in the spirit of open source, we might like to point out that this will be a clear process. We Will Be Able To percentage concerning the topic for you with common updates”

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Necessary names, together with many Bitcoin and different crypto cash supporters, akin to Nic Carter, reacted to this choice of Mozilla.

“that is merely fanciful considering and natural conspiracy bullshit,” said Carter, identified for support.

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