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Joint statement from 8 names who attended the meeting on cryptocurrencies in the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Sait Arslan, Nurullah Mahmut Dündar, Elçin Karatay, Tansel Kaya, Melih Kurtuluş, Erkan Öz, Kamile Uray and Aytunç Yıldızlı, who attended the meeting on crypto property held on the Grand National Meeting of Turkey, issued a joint observation.

The statement is as follows: as follows:

Persons representing more than a few teams or expressing their reviews in my opinion attended the assembly held within the Parliament on the felony basis of crypto property. there was no time table prepared sooner than the meeting or any agreement to exclude positive problems from the scope. Due To The Fact That everyone attending the assembly has their own non-public critiques on positive problems, we have shyed away from making statements according to our personal perspectives so as not to create a belief and basic knowledge pollution that there’s a typical opinion through attributing individual concepts to all meeting contributors. However, due to the reality that the statements made via a few of the folk attending the assembly by means of taking under consideration the interests of the individual or the teams and people they constitute, were mentioned in various press organizations as if it used to be the average opinion of the entire meeting attendees, it become essential to make the following statements by means of chatting with everybody at the assembly. has brought.

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We have shared many technical main points, exact examinations and critiques on the following problems; Participants may even share these main points with the public for my part in keeping with their non-public experience: it is essential to overview in more depth the way to make the most productive use of the possibilities created by means of blockchain technology, and the possibilities introduced via the environment can not be disregarded via highlighting the hazards it comprises; The prison regulations to be created in the box of crypto belongings have to be long run-orientated and flexible enough to keep up with innovations and technological developments; it’s necessary to increase monetary literacy and to lift awareness of investors on this context, and to take steps to protect the consumer by specializing in those issues; While it is very important to offer protection to particular person investors who trade crypto assets, it is essential to make legal preparations that do not limit the valuables rights and financial freedoms of individuals in order to protect this target audience; In case of very restrictive or tax-irrelevant rules, people who business crypto belongings might move away from the sector, unregistered transactions and cash outflows would possibly increase; a lot more than the advantages which might be tried to be bought with a restrictive legislation, can also be acquired with a liberal law that supports technological trends.By examining those examples, a global and long term-embracing legislation can be created; A restrictive law will impede innovation, building up mind drain, and should even result in all the destruction of a self-sustaining ecosystem; Making Turkey a center particular to crypto assets and blockchain with leading edge regulations should be without equal goal and vital steps should be taken in this context. What must be done isn’t simply to enact a non-restrictive law; It makes Turkey a new middle of appeal for family and foreign traders.

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Members (in alphabetical order by surname):

Sait Arslan, Nurullah Mahmut Dündar, Elçin Karatay, Tansel Kaya, Melih Kurtuluş, Erkan Öz, Kamile Uray, Aytunç Yıldızlı< /p>.

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