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Buterin: Ethereum is big enough to exist without me

Ethereum’s founding identify, Vitalik Buterin, attended the “AskVitalikBa” adventure held in Argentina. Buterin shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies and Ethereum on the event.

The 27-yr-vintage computer programmer said that Ethereum will continue to develop with out him. as well as, Buterin said that the Evidence-of-Stake (PoS) type is more efficient and extra immune to censorship.

“Ethereum will continue to exist with or without Vitalik Buterin,” said the Ethereum founder, “The Ethereum group is huge and will stay a major blockchain despite the fact that I disappear for some reason why, however frankly, i am not going anyplace.” He stated.

In June 2017, a rumor emerged that Buterin died, and the ETH value misplaced 30 percent after the rumors spread impulsively. To prove he is alive, Buterin shared the photo he took on Twitter, writing down an Ethereum block number and the corresponding hash on paper.

blankVitalik Buterin at the event held in Argentina

As It is understood, Ethereum is followed through the transition to 2.0. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) might be used with 2.0, so one can end mining in Ethereum. The transition is focused for mid-2022. Buterin spoke approximately PoS:

“i think Proof-of-Stake is much more resistant to censorship than Proof-of-Work.”

in keeping with the founder of Ethereum tougher for governments to censor PoS participants. Buterin argues that the will for thus so much power and mining apparatus in PoW makes it easier for governments to find miners, as took place in China.

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