OKEx kicks off phase 4 of Earn Year-End Gifts

vc_rowvc_columnvc_message message_box_color=”white” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-audio-description”sponsored through OKEx/vc_messagevc_column_textLeading cryptocurrency alternate OKEx provides new and existing users to OKEx Earn merchandise so as to thank their endured support, Earn is launching the fourth section of the 12 Months-Finish Gifts.

As a part of the fourth phase, so that it will get started on Monday, December 14th at 06:00, users can obtain as much as 302 p.c annually, just a few clicks for 5 days. they will have the ability to stake cryptocurrencies and generate returns in return.

within the fourth stage; It shall be conceivable to earn returns with TRX, LAT, NEAR, NULS, NEO.

Participation fashion: Flash Possibilities

< strong>Adventure get started date: 14 December 2021 at 06:00

OKEx kicks off phase 4 of Earn Year-End Gifts Bitcoin (BTC) News

How One Can participate?

OKEx site For Flash Offers, from the OKEx house page, click the “Monetary Services” tab at the top menu, then click Earn. Click On the “Flash Offers” tab at the page that opens.

To get entry to Flash Deals by means of the OKEx application, click on Earn/DeFi from the application major monitor and then click the “Flash Deals” tab.

Earn page by way of clicking here: https://www.okex.com/earn/vc_column_text/vc_column/vc_row

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