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“Influencer Marketing 2.0” comes to life with Promodex funding process

vc_rowvc_columnvc_message message_box_color=”white” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-audio-description”backed through Promodex/vc_messagevc_column_textThe world’s first “Programmatic Influencer (phenomen) Market” Promod The investment process has started. in this context, the investment process, during which 12% of the full supply of PROMO token might be offered, is carried out in 5 levels to different investor masses, whilst free tokens can be obtained with the airdrop campaigns if you want to continue steadily.

Participation within the Airdrop:

Promodex: “Influencer Advertising” is being redefined

With the impact of the speedy development of technology and digitalization, particularly within the final FIVE-6 years, distinctive, informational information in social media Social media users, who percentage fun and entertaining content and whose content material is adopted with admiration by way of large audiences, have started to be known as ‘influencers’. known the influence of influencers on the masses.

As a result of this, the promoting activities of the advertisers with influencers have began to draw in attention.

But the statistic below tells us something very other.

because the collection of fans increases, the fee of advertising increases, but at the contrary, the level of impact decreases. In different phrases, because the number of followers of the social media influencer working with the advertiser will increase, they each pay the next unit cost and obtain a lower price of interplay. Even in this case, bearing in mind the cost-effectiveness balance, influencer advertising still stands proud because the best promoting manner in the global.

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Subsequently, 10 medium influencers with a total of one million fans are greater than 1 mega influencers with 1 million followers. it’s each efficient and less expensive. So why do not advertisers make a choice the improved one? the solution is very easy. Because there is no infrastructure or type that can handle this process.

Moreover, it is very tricky to come across micro and nano influencers. despite the fact that you discover micro and nano influencers, it is necessary to hire many staff to regulate this process. For this explanation why, advertisers are pressured to work with a restricted selection of mega-influencers instead of working with many nano, micro and medium influencers the place they may be able to get higher interaction. influencer market systems are already starting to emerge.

At that point, it used to be necessary to acquire ads one by one in every digital medium. Even As the purchasing procedure has transform speedy and automated with Programmatic, it has turn into much more effective and environment friendly with complex focused on.

at the influencer advertising and marketing side, structures with influencer discovering and marketing campaign management features. even supposing there may be, there’s no infrastructure where programmatic campaigns may also be made with many influencers within the related month. At this aspect, the world’s first “Programmatic Influencer Marketplace” involves lifestyles with Promodex. It allows influencers to get a share from this market and earn common income.

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Promodex: Elementary purposes

The Promodex platform is de facto according to 3 functions:

Programmatic campaignProgrammatic Influencer marketing campaign
Programmatic airdrop campaign
Programmatic bounty campaign Programmatic IDO launchpad Decentralized budget consider

Promodex, whose investment process has began and has finished the “onerous cap” of the Seed Fund (Seed Investment) section, will be announced on November 15, 2021, Turkey time As of 23.59, the “Seed Fund” segment ends.

What is written here is now not funding advice and should now not be thought to be investment advice. Every person must do their own analysis. Expertcoin has no affiliation with the product or service in this page. Uzmancoin cannot be held accountable for the risks that may get up from the product or carrier on this page./vc_column_text/vc_column/vc_row.

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