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Filecoin (FIL) Launches Co-mining Pilot with Livepeer (LPT)

in short:

Filecoin and Livepeer are launching a co-mining pilot challengeThe check will see Filecoin miners become Livepeer video minersThe similarities among the two initiatives in terms of the equipment used (GPUs) makes the idea feasibleParticipating miners will receive LPT and FIL gives you

The Filecoin (FIL) and Livepeer (LPT) tasks have introduced the launch of a co-mining pilot mission. The co-mining check will permit Filecoin miners to turn into Livepeer video miners ‘while continuing to mine on the Filecoin network via storing transcoded video knowledge’.

Both Livepeer and Filecoin Use Equivalent Infrastructure – GPUs

Miners of each networks are in a singular position to foster co-mining as Livepeer video miners function the backbone of a decentralized video community while Filecoin miners serve as the spine of a decentralized storage network. the similar miners can make the most of their infrastructure to co-mine both networks thus availing additional technical and product possibilities for web3.0 applications.

According to the professional statement by Filecoin, both projects make the most of GPUs and are highest located for the pilot as explained below.

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Given these similarities between definitely the right profile of a Livepeer video miner and that of a Filecoin miner, a Filecoin miner may well be neatly positioned to also be a Livepeer video miner while continuing to mine at the Filecoin network via storing transcoded video knowledge.

The miner would get advantages from an additional earnings stream and the networks would benefit from a bigger, extra geographically dispensed shared pool of hardware and bandwidth tools that extra miners can give a contribution to.

Hardware Necessities for the Pilot

The statement went directly to provide the following technical requirements for mining hardware.

Must have Nvidia GPUs that:Have the NVENC/NVDEC hardware video encoder and decoderList of GPUs with NVENC/NVDEC supportList of GPUs that experience been examined with Livepeer

Miners Who Take Part In the Pilot will likely be Eligible for FIL and LPT Grants

The pilot mission is subsequently seeking to recruit miners for the pilot project of co-mining Livepeer and Filecoin. Moreover, participating miners shall be eligible for LPT and FIL supplies.

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