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Zeus Capital Offers $100k For Info on ChainLink’s ‘Illicit Practices’


Zeus Capital has introduced a rewards program in the hunt for data on ChainLink’s ‘manipulative and illicit practices’The praise has been capped at $100k for enough knowledgeZeus Capital is preparing a category action suit in opposition to ChainLinkThey declare the project has been spreading misleading information and manipulating the cost of HYPERLINK

The group at Zeus Capital has introduced a rewards software for the ‘provision of information of ChainLink’s manipulative and illicit practices’. The praise has been capped at $100,000 for sufficient information regarding what Zeus Capital claims as ‘deceptive data on ChainLink partnerships’ and ‘outright market manipulation’ of the LINK token.

Below is the tweet by way of Zeus Capital pronouncing the $100,000 rewards software.

$100 000 Reward Software for Provision Of Data of Chainlink’s Manipulative and Illicit Practices. To Participate, please fill out the next form – or e-mail us at email protected

Complete investigative document:

— Zeus Capital (@ZeusCapitalLLP) November 12, 2020

Zeus Capital is Getting Ready A Class Action Go Well With towards the ChainLink Project

Furthermore, the group at Zeus Capital has introduced that they are making ready a category-motion lawsuit against the ChainLink mission and its team. They claim to be running with a group of institutional investors and victims of the Chainlink fraud. Zeus Captial additional explains why they’ve regularly targeted the ChainLink venture.

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Up to now, the mission has been alleged in spreading misleading information about the nature and authenticity of Chainlink’s partnerships, the improvement and investment of a network of subsidized social media debts that participate in outright market manipulations, and the sale of the LINK token that reveals safety-sort features.

ChainLink is Promoting 1 Million Link A Week – Zeus Capital

To again up their claims that the group at ChainLink is manipulating the cost of LINK, the team at Zeus Capital claims that they’ve been promoting 1 Million HYPERLINK tokens per week. in keeping with Zeus Capital, the workforce behind ChainLink used to sell LINK tokens of this value in a month, and an acceleration of gross sales raises more questions and answers.

Chainlink used to promote 1M $HYPERLINK per 30 days, now it is 1M every week. Stop pouring your cash into the abyss. What happened? or even… what is about to occur?
To again up their claims, Zeus Capital has highlighted several LINK transactions as noticed in the following screenshot of a up to date tweet. within the tweet is a warning to investors asking them to ‘forestall pouring their money into the abyss’.
Zeus Capital Offers $100k For Info on ChainLink's 'Illicit Practices' 17

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