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APE Coin Best Metaverse Projects – What you need to know about the land sale of Metaverse project Otherside

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APE Coin Price Prediction 2024

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Best Metaverse Projects

Yuga Labs, the founding and developer company of ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club, has completed the highly anticipated metaverse land sale. Approximately $320 million was raised in the virtual land sale, which attracted great interest.

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NFT-based 55 thousand parcels to be located in the metaverse project Otherside, which is under development, are put up for sale. ApeCoin investors from around the world received 1 parcel for 305 APE (approximately $6,000).

$177 million transaction fee

Large demand, Ethereum significantly increased transaction fees on the blockchain. In addition, over $177 million in total transaction fees were paid for the NFT mint transaction. The resulting popularity led to the collapse of Etherscan as well.

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Up to 30 percent after-sale Close to dropped

Those who pre-registered before April 1 and fulfilled the requirements for identity verification were eligible to participate in the sale. Meanwhile, the ApeCon price dropped after the sale. APE, which saw $22.5 before the sale

, finds buyers at $16.40, with a decrease of 27 percent as of 18.40 TSI..

Parcels of 6,000 dollars are sold for 18 thousand dollars

Finally, on OpenSea, each of the parcels in question is listed with a base price of 6.5 ETH. That’s $18,000 compared to the selling price of $6,000.

Is the turn on a new blockchain for ApeCoin?

In a statement today from the Yuga Labs team, It was stated that ApeCoin should switch to its own chain, citing the problems experienced in Ethereum. “It seems very clear that ApeCoin will need to migrate to its own chain in order to scale appropriately,” the statement said. We want to encourage the DAO to start thinking in that direction.” it was said. Upon this announcement by Yuga Labs, Emin Gün Sirer, the founder of Avalanche’s developer company Ava Labs, invited the project to Avalanche.

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The Ethereum copy of BAYC from the official account of Immutable X was transferred to a new chain. A statement was published in which it was emphasized that there was no need for it. It was also stated that a proposal will be made in the ApeCoin DAO to reveal how BAYC can go mainstream without risking the security or decentralization of assets.

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