BitCoin purchase averages of large companies Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

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BitCoin purchase Price Prediction 2022

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BitCoin , with the price drop in the recent days, has approached the average of BitCoin purchases of large companies.

As it is known, many companies from MicroStrategy to Tesla made BitCoin purchases during 2020 and 2021. It is known that about 40 public companies around the world have bought BitCoin to date. MicroStrategy, which has more than 124 thousand BTC, of ​​course, made the biggest purchase.

MicroStrategy: 30 thousand 159 dollars

MicroStrategy’s average cost per BTC is 30 thousand 159 dollars. The enterprise software company, which made its first BitCoin purchase at a price level of 11 thousand 900 dollars in August 2020, is still profitable on paper with 550 million dollars.

Tesla: 31 thousand 700 dollars

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla also made the first BitCoin purchase in February 2021. Tesla, which is known to have approximately 42 thousand BTC, has an average cost of 31 thousand 700 dollars per BTC. At current prices, Tesla is also making a profit of $137 million.

Square: $27,400

Block, previously known as Square, is one of the lowest cost companies among these companies. Block made its first purchase in October 2020. The average cost of the company, which holds 8 thousand 27 BTC, is 27 thousand 400 dollars. Block’s profit on paper is also more than $ 60 million.

Losses on paper

There are companies that have lost on paper from their BitCoin investments at today’s prices. For example, gaming company NEXON bought 1717 BTC in April 2021, paying $100 million at $58,226. Chinese technology company Meitu also purchased $50 million worth of BTC in March and April last year. Its average cost was over 52 thousand dollars. US software company Phunware also made separate BitCoin purchases at $49,750 and $59,917.

BitCoin purchase Analysis

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BitCoin purchase Value

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BitCoin purchase Price Analysis

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