API3 Coin referred to as the Chanlink Killer? The future of the project, its details and promises… Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

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API3 Coin Price Prediction 2024

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Introduced as Chainlink Killer in the cryptocurrency market, API3 became a curious cryptocurrency after it was listed on Binance. We tried to answer questions such as API3 Coin in our content.

Founder and year of establishment: Heikki Vanttinen, Burak Benligiray, Sasa Milic / 2020
Blockchain:< /strong> Ethereum
Total supply: 104 million
Circulating supply: 36 million
Market cap: $189 million (January 21, 2022)
Lowest price: $1.24
Highest price: $10.31
Project purpose: The goal of API3 is to allow decentralized versions of APIs to be created, managed, and monetized at scale, and to resolve the disconnection in blockchains.
Uses: Blockchains, API ‘s and Web3.

the API3 project?

The API3 project, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain, was listed on Binance and made a big splash. On-chain, that is, on-chain data, which has a great place in the crypto money industry, is the most remarkable area of ​​​​the last period.

Blockchain oracles are a core part of the Web3 ecosystem as they can help achieve this goal. Their role is to mediate between various blockchains and data sources beyond. API3 is a project spearheading the transition from legacy third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions that provide greater security, efficiency, and data source transparency. It allows users to connect to constantly updated off-chain data streams such as stock and commodity prices. Operated by the market’s most trusted and trusted data providers, Beacons is a transparent, cost-effective and scalable way for smart contracts to interact with the off-chain data they need.

Data feeds bring the same data streams to smart contracts globally.

Airnode provides both, allowing Web APIs to be called directly from smart contracts. ) to run its own Oracle nodes, which greatly simplifies it.

Honeycomb acted as a lab and incubator for API3. Confirmed the team’s view that API providers should be viewed as a critical component of an oracle, paving the way for API3 to become the API-centric solution it is today.

The future of API3 Coin ?

API3 in the crypto industry It is seen as the top 5 blockchain oracle projects. API3, which has received an initial investment of $3 million led by Pantera Capital, Accomplice, Coin Fund, Digital Currency Group, and Placeholder accompanied by Hashed, is currently very promising.

According to the API3 team, the Honeycomb solution is the Chainlink It functioned as a running layer on top of ‘s open source oracle software.

Benligiray touches on some key issues with Honeycomb that led to the development of API3. Burak Benligiray, co-founder of API3 writes that the current oracle ecosystem model only considers oracles and dApps (decentralized Web3 applications running on a blockchain, typically Ethereum). API3 added API providers as a third group to better represent the situation. API3 believes this model is more accurate, but has also proven to be very complex as it has to make sure three different parties are playing together.

an API3 Coin ?

API3, traditional API It is an Ethereum token that powers the API3 project, which aims to connect s to the blockchain ecosystem. API3 token is used to manage API3 DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and vote on project upgrades. dAPIs are more secure and cost-effective than other solutions using the tool. With first-party oracles, they can be trusted to provide data accurately, as well as to protect API providers from exploitation by dubious third parties.

The token can be used to pay subscription fees in dApps and also gives users access to Airnodes, which are part of a decentralized network that provides the APIs developers need. By using the API3 token, people can participate in the management and value enhancement of their decentralized network.

With a total supply of 104 million, the API3 token has a circulating supply of 36 million units.

Where is the API3 Token from and how to buy?

The API3 Coin , which has attracted attention by being listed on Binance, is traded on crypto money platforms such as Coin base, KuCoin , Huobi, Gate.io, Gemini, Poloniex, UniSwap and SushiSwap


API3 Coin Analysis

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API3 Coin Value

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API3 Coin Price Analysis

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