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GLMR Coin ? Things to know about the Moonbeam project, which made a big debut by being listed on Binance Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

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In the last quarter of 2020, the storm of Polkadot blew in the cryptocurrency market. The Moonbeam project, which is in the Polkadot ecosystem, was followed with interest by investors. GLMR Coin , the native token of Moonbeam, was listed on Binance the previous day and had a great impact. We have compiled the questions that are curious about the GLMR token in our content.

Founder and year of establishment: Derek Yoo / 2013
Blockchain: Polkadot
Total supply: 1 billion
Circulating supply: 75 million
Market cap: $1 billion (January 13, 2022)
Lowest price: $437
Highest price: $8.25
Purpose of the project: Existing in the Polkadot system, the experience in Ethereum Enabling investors to take part in their own blockchains by bringing solutions to problems.
Usage areas: Blockchain solutions

the Moonbeam (GLMR) project?

Moonbeam The network was founded by Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake, a platform that provides blockchain application developers, projects, and businesses with a secure and reliable public blockchain infrastructure.

Stefan has previously worked with Samsung Pay, Candibell Inc., LoopPay, Permessa, Thinking Phone Network among others.

Moonbeam (GLMR), running as Polkadot parachain, EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machin) compatible and substrate based blockchain. Holders of the Glimmer (GLMR) token are the service and management token of the network, users can participate in governance, pay transaction fees, earn rewards by providing liquidity, or stake. It has high levels of security and availability. Moonbeam is much more than just an EVM application. It is a highly specialized parachain that mirrors the features of Ethereum. The Moonbeam platform is capable of handling all transactions on the underlying Ethereum blockchain with additional features such as on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations.

Moonbeam provides full Ethereum compliance, including scalability, cross-chain integrations and on-chain governance. Simplifies the developer experience by combining the power of

It is compatible with the Substrate and Polkadot ecosystem, which includes block finders, wallets, parachains and more, giving users the flexibility to choose the right tools and services for the job.

The future of Moonbeam (GLMR)

Moonbeam on Substrate It offers an Ethereum-like environment. This allows developers to easily redistribute their existing smart contracts using the tools and integrations they already use, but also takes advantage of the modern Substrate framework on which all Polkadot currency chains are built. Because of these features, it is promising for the future. The Moonbeam network enables developers with Solidity or Vyper-based smart contracts to “go multi-chain” and expand their activities in the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot’s blockchain enables seamless sharing of workloads in a new layer.

Through Moonbeam, developers can migrate existing Ethereum DApps to Polkadot or use familiar Ethereum development tools to create new permissionless decentralized applications (dApps). ‘s) can be created.

The Moonriver network runs in Kusama and has smart contract-enabled parachains. The benefits of smart contracts are known for allowing quick and easy deployment. Moonbeam’s native token, known as Glimmer (GLMR), went on sale through a special Community Event called Take Flight. 100,000,000 GLMR (10% of the total supply) was distributed during the Moonbeam community event. There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 GLMR tokens with an annual inflation rate of 5%, so there will be an unlimited supply of tokens.

Where and how to buy GLMR Coin ?

13 The GLMR token, which has a market value of $ 1 billion in January 2022, was listed on Binance the previous day and rose to $ 51 with an increase of 20 thousand percent. Apart from Binance, it can be traded on crypto currency trading platforms such as KuCoin ,, Kraken, MEXC.


GLMR Coin Analysis

Using charts to analyze GLMR Coin Value is among the most common methods. You can have an idea about GLMR Coin by following the graphs. Our GLMR Coin Price Chart work has been prepared to answer the most frequently asked crypto questions.

GLMR Coin Value

GLMR Coin news and analysis does not contain investment advice. The drawings on the GLMR Coin chart are taken from the best known techniques. Making GLMR Coin value is partly related to where you buy and sell.

GLMR Coin Price Analysis

Write your GLMR Coin analysis request below with your e-mail address. Let our experts respond with cost-oriented technical analysis.

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