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AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Elitaş talked about the crypto money law

AK Celebration Team Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş made statements in regards to the regulation of crypto cash in the application he attended in A Haber. “I Feel that in the event that they assessment the development from a larger viewpoint in preference to their very own standpoint, they’re going to contribute to our creating a legal association with a purpose to result in a good consequence.” He stated.

Elitaş continued his phrases as follows:

“In my non-public opinion, after drawing a normal framework, it would be better to leave other issues to secondary regulation. this is not a law to be enacted immediately. After making an allowance for all the main points, we want to come up with a prison law so one can no longer clog the system, will not create an obstacle in front of the gadget, and if the determine is right, in a process the place there are around FIVE million individuals, it won’t explode in their arms. i am of the opinion that we should always make this law as quickly as conceivable with out anxious or scary somebody, however with out allowing any individual to be victimized.” then eyes turned to the ready arrangement. it is anticipated that the regulation will come to the parliament within the coming days and will be mentioned in the subcommittees right here.

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