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The new plan announced at EOS brought movement to the price

With the vote on December EIGHT in EOS, 67 million EOS to be made to the developer company, approximately 250 million greenbacks at current costs, used to be stopped. With Out this decision from the neighborhood vote, may have received 67 million EOS over the next six to seven years, as designed from day one. Behind this decision was the claim that did not keep its promises and now not act within the interests of EOS. took it into his personal palms. this is the start of a brand new technology for EOS.”

Name amendment plan

The founding father of EOS, additionally referred to as ByteMaster or UN, Daniel Larimer, mentioned this morning on the @EOSproject Telegram channel that they are bearing in mind a name modification to EOS. “The time has come to rebrand EOS, to have a imaginative and prescient and purpose a good way to encourage community engagement and investment in enlargement,” Larimer stated.

Larimer delivered that they are preparing a new whitepaper and that they plan to free up it through the end of the month. it’s going to continue to be used as a ticker.

EOS founder, “i am working with Yves and the foundation to increase an EOS plan if you want to create expansion.”

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Worth reacted definitely

Worth reaction to this initiative regarding EOS has been certain. In Spite Of the widely bad temper in the market, EOS greeted the news with a virtually 15 p.c increase from $3.10 to $3.50.

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