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What is ColdStack? Meet the Uber of cloud technology

vc_rowvc_columnvc_message message_box_color=”white” icon_fontawesome=”moroccan fa-audio-description”Subsidized by means of ColdStack/vc_messagevc_column_textColdstack is a decentralized cloud device. it’s the first crypto mission within the world to combine decentralized knowledge garage corresponding to Filecoin. ColdStack, which we can additionally name the “Uber of the cloud machine”, is the fastest, simplest and simplest way to unharness the ability of decentralized cloud systems for tasks in the cryptocurrency atmosphere and beyond.

ColdStack gives customers an extremely cost-efficient and equally secure method to retailer their information by way of optimizing storage answers with an AI-based pipeline. ColdStack venture; Strictly adheres to the principles of transparency, immutability and cryptography verifiability.

The platform allows easy integration of all DeFi storages on a unmarried platform, whilst also providing an integrated interface created to switch among various decentralized cloud techniques with out the will for data transfer. system.

ColdStack has a unified Amazon S3 compatible API that permits users to simply access decentralized storage solutions. by utilizing the CLS token, customers gain get admission to to all decentralized information garage and don’t need to analysis the particular strengths of each provider in addition as examine prices. This makes the person enjoy even more straightforward. The unified API is designed to meet the desires of easy data storage, to be had from anyplace and each time.

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at the other hand, ColdStack additionally solves the most important drawback in the NFT box. . The ColdStack platform is being evolved to allow a ColdStack user to record knowledge mixed with Filecoin, 4K photos with Storj, web pages with Arweave, to boot as NFTs with OpenSea and Rarible, with a single token.

ColdStack, Binance Sensible On Chain

ColdStack also began to appear on Binance Good Chain on Tuesday. ColdStack’s CLS token can now even be traded on PancakeSwap, the most important decentralized exchange on Binance Sensible Chain.

ColdStack is now on BSC
and we’re now indexed on Pancake!

BSC token address:

Pancake pair:

>Browse it here:

Cross-chain bridge:

— ColdStack (@coldstack_io) November 30, 2021

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