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CoinEx Airdrop Station is out: Earn 5 million CET with “Learn to Earn”

vc_rowvc_columnvc_message message_box_color=”white” icon_fontawesome=”moroccan fa-audio-description”Subsidized by way of CoinEx/vc_messagevc_column_textConcepts emerge one after any other within the crypto markets and new monetization fashions are by no means no longer lacking. On Account That 2021, the recognition of the idea that of the metaverse out of doors the circle has continued unabated. The GameFi wave took the idea that of “Play to Win” to a better level. The mining mode, that’s each a laugh and monetized, is still spoken by means of many crypto market fans. Similarly, the Solana NFT ecology common in 2021 gave birth to “Socialize to Earn”, which permits crypto customers to monetize social interaction.

The “Learn To Earn” style is not new. previous to that, Coinbase had launched a crypto learning spree that encouraged customers to earn digital money whilst studying in regards to the cryptocurrency markets. Along the recently overwhelming “Play to Win” mode, CoinEx has once again introduced the launch of its new product, “CoinEx Airdrop Station,” which began the “Learn How To Win” craze.

CoinEx maintains that CoinEx trade ecology is wholesome Introduced a new product “CoinEx Airdrop Station” on November EIGHT, 2021 to toughen its building and allow extra customers know about digital currency projects.

CET is lately used as gas on the CoinEx good chain, a public chain advanced via CoinEx itself.

Experience rewards and prerequisites

Airdrop event, total it will run for 15 days with FIVE,000,000 CET rewards. Main Points are as follows.

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Event Duration: 08:00 November 2021-08:00 23 November 2021 (UTC+EIGHT)

Event rewards:

Single consumer reward: 50 CET General winners: 100,000 Overall prizes: FIVE,000,000 CET

Get Started studying and earning now!

Phrases of participation

This adventure is a timed airdrop. Participation in the experience is proscribed, and CoinEx customers who meet all of the following conditions during the event will obtain 50 CET airdrop rewards.

Situation 1: Complete KYC verification; Condition 2: The person must have never held a CET since the date of account registration. that is, the asset flow should never have a CET. Condition 3: Learn the fabrics and whole the take a look at through answering the entire questions correctly.Question answering: Complete the test via answering all questions accurately. Receiving rewards: Customers who meet the participation necessities and complete the questions can receive airdrops on a first come, first served basis after the development starts. After the praise is received, the praise will probably be frozen within the person’s spot account for 3 days and the online ready period will be indicated in the caution at the page. Sub-debts can not take part as standalone accounts. Cheating is illegitimate in this experience, and users who’re found to be cheating may have their proper to take part within the event revoked by means of CoinEx. CoinEx reserves the appropriate to final disclosure of the event.

For customers acquainted with CoinEx, this isn’t the primary time the high CET airdrop has came about. So Much of the legacy users who received the CET airdrop at an early stage have already benefited from the business profits now. The release of the CoinEx airdrop station is designed to assist extra new users learn concerning the business and deepen their figuring out of CoinEx’s product ecology./vc_column_text/vc_column/vc_row

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