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25 billion dollar survey from Elon Musk: There are hundreds of thousands of participation

Billionaire Elon Musk asked his followers on his Twitter account, “Will Have To I promote 10 p.c of my Tesla shares or no longer?” asked. Tesla CEO also promised to follow the effects of the survey, irrespective of the end result.

Musk tweeted, “There has been so much of discussion lately approximately using unrealized earnings as a device to circumvent taxes. Therefore, I propose to sell 10 % of my Tesla inventory. whatever the result, i will comply.”

“the only way for me to pay taxes is to promote stocks”

The famous entrepreneur did not mention anything else about how he’ll use the income from the sale of 10 percent stocks. in the continuation of his tweets, he mentioned that he didn’t obtain any money cash and bonuses from any place, however best stocks, “the one means i will pay the taxes in my view is to promote stocks.”

Controversies over the “tax on billionaires” within the U.S.

Recently, heaps of Americans’ tax returns had been leaked to the clicking, revealing that the rich are avoiding paying taxes, and this has inflamed the source of revenue inequality debate. Even As it was once realized that Jeff Bezos, the founding father of Amazon, didn’t pay any taxes in 2007 and 2011, it was understood that many billionaires comparable to Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg paid little or no taxes to the federal govt. it is mentioned that while the rich display their incomes low, they flip unrealized gains into cash thru loans and thus proceed to spend. Democrats within the AMERICA, in the face of this situation, announced the “billionaires tax” idea last month. The invoice objectives to tax billionaires on unrealized capital gains.

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He has reacted ahead of

Musk has prior to now reacted to the bill to tax billionaires, which is at the time table within the US. The Tesla CEO claimed that the main drawback was spending, claiming that one of these tax thought may just simplest cover a small a part of the nationwide debt. Musk additionally stated that he plans to make use of his money to help humanity achieve Mars and protect the sunshine of reason why.

750 thousand folks took phase in 1.5 hours

Musk’s survey, 750 in a period of time of approximately 1.5 hours. thousand folks attended. 55.7 percent of them said “Yes”. If the survey, so one can end at 22.17 CET the next day, ends with this end result, Elon Musk will get rid of 10 p.c of his personal Tesla shares.

Net wealth of $300 billion

US billionaire’s web price His fortune is over $THREE HUNDRED billion. Ten p.c of Musk’s shares, that’s these days Tesla’s greatest shareholder and holds 220 million shares, is price $27 billion. Tesla’s marketplace value is $1 trillion 210 billion.

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