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Squid Game (SQUID) investor lost all his savings with price crash

In China, where cryptocurrency transactions are prohibited, it turns out that a person who presented himself using handiest his English first name Bernard, lost $28,000 after the SQUID token drop.

“I were given FOMO”< /h3>

talking to CNBC from the yankee media, an investor named Bernard mentioned that he made such an investment because Squid Recreation is widespread everywhere the arena and used the next statements: I did a little research however did not read all that used to be said. just because the show is so popular far and wide the sector, i believed there could be an increase on this cryptocurrency as well, and that i were given FOMO. on this universe, when anyone assaults an entity, you get FOMO”

The FBI reached out to Binance and the SEC, but…

Bernard additionally said that once his loss, he additionally reached the FBI and the SEC. He said that his means had been limited as a result of he could not lift a complaint about the issue within the house he lived in. Declaring that he also talked to CoinmarketCap, which lists SQUID on its site, and Binance, the landlord of the website, Bernard said that the events don’t accept accountability.

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at least $3.4 million…

as it is known, investors are keen to go to zero. Even Though they may buy SQUID, whose price went up to $2800 before it went down, they couldn’t sell it. in keeping with Binance Sensible Chain transaction records, a minimum of $3.4 million in finances seems to have been seized through the token’s unknown creators.

“We do not ensure that it’s not fraudulent”

one in every of the companies overseeing the mission is Coinscope. “Coinscope does not make sure that mission liquidity is not going to be destroyed, that the creative team is not going to sell the availability, or that it is not an go out scam. the ideas supplied in this report through auditing the related undertaking is for common knowledge purposes best and will not be used as a explanation why to speculate in any independent project”

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