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The $530 million CryptoPunk sale shook the NFT universe: Money laundering?

CryptoPunk or any NFT, or even any piece of art price $530 million? a large part of the cryptocurrency universe has been in search of an answer to this question since the day before today night time. the primary thing that started this discussion used to be that a bot following the CryptoPunks NFT actions gave the primary signal at around 03:00 in the dark. a suggestion of approximately 2500 ETH used to be made for NFT, however the owner of the product gained a refusal. In March, an ultra-rare alien punk NFT used to be sold for 4200 ETH. This CryptoPunk, that is seen to be sold for 124 thousand ETH, surpasses other big costs via a long way.

Experts are being skeptical

CryptoPunks, which mark the summer season months, have a minimum of 100 ETH. has a sale price. On The Other Hand, NFT mavens indicate that CryptoPunk NFT #9998, which sold for $ 530 million specifically, lacks many options that upload price to pricey NFTs. This raises the possibility that there is also an unalterable and irreversible blunders or money laundering state of affairs particular to blockchain technology.

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Credit Score flash magic: He took a loan, offered it to himself and paid it off!

After the sale used to be seen on the blockchain, the bottom moved, particularly on Twitter, and the discussions came one after some other. A Twitter user named “Mariano.eth” with 50 thousand followers defined the transaction as a “flash credit spell” and used the following expressions:

“that is really good…

Get flash credit. Then list your Punk NFT for a crazy value. Cross purchase it. Allow the other account pay you ETH. Pay again the mortgage…

Right Here you spot it. 0x9b5a attracts flash credit of 124 thousand 457 ETH from many sources. Then he pays the price of 124,457 ETH on the punk contract. Punk contract then sends 24 thousand ETH to 0x8e39 wallet. 0x8e39 pockets sends the funds back to pockets 0x9b5a and 0x9b5a will pay off the loan.”

In February, 139 thousand ETH was once paid for the HashMask NFT. This used to be the biggest sale of all time, but experts said that that sale used to be only a technical fee and not an actual sale.

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