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El Salvador Engineers Dig New 95MW Geothermal Well to Mine Bitcoin

Engineers in El Salvador have dug a new 95MW geothermal neatlyThe new geothermal well will provide renewable power for the mining of BitcoinThis is after the country’s President asked the ability corporate of LaGeo, to supply facilities for Bitcoin miningEl Salvador is the primary united states of america to acknowledge Bitcoin as a sort of criminal tender

Engineers in El Salvador have successfully dug a geothermal well that will be utilized for the mining of Bitcoin (BTC). The smartly will produce approximately NINETY FIVE Mega Watts of unpolluted renewable energy so we can move on to energy a Bitcoin mining facility constructed round it.

This milestone was made public by El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, who had earlier this week, suggested the native geothermal electricity company of LaGeo, to come up with a plan to provide facilities for the mining of Bitcoin in a cheap and renewable manner.

Below are the two tweets via President Bukele pronouncing the new geothermal neatly and making public his request to LaGeo to facilitate renewable mining amenities for Bitcoin.

Our engineers simply knowledgeable me that they dug a new neatly, so we can supply roughly 95MW of 100% blank, ZERO emissions geothermal energy from our volcanos

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