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Monero and Bitcoin Atomic Swaps Launched by the Comit Network

Atomic swaps between Monero and Bitcoin are actually availableThe BTC to XMR atomic switch was once introduced via the staff at Comit CommunityThe new feature permits house owners of both Bitcoin and Monero to interchange virtual belongings with out trusting each other or the usage of an middleman Atomic swaps are in particular necessary as crypto exchanges delist privateness cash to stick to regulatory presure

Atomic swaps between Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) at the moment are available way to the staff at Comit Community who made public the brand new function a couple of days in the past in the course of the following tweet.

In case you’ve got not spotted – we unlocked mainnet ? #XMR #BTC #Bitcoin #Monero

If you wish to have to run the ASB – join us in

— COMIT (@comit_network) Might 28, 2021

What are Atomic Swaps and the way Will they Work Between Monero and Bitcoin?

Atomic Swaps allow users owning other virtual assets to industry among the two distinct blockchains while not having a crypto change or trusting one another. Atomic swaps are designed in some way that each celebration can not ‘cheat’.

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In the case of Monero and Bitcoin, atomic swaps allow for the trustless alternate of Bitcoin and Monero through the use of advanced algorithms and complex participant-incentivization ways which might be simple to understand.

Multiple groups, as well as to the Comit Network, have been engaged on Monero and Bitcoin atomic swaps. One such example is the Farcaster challenge that raised 2,727 XMR to construct atomic swaps between the two virtual assets.

Monero and Bitcoin Atomic Swaps Are Essential as Exchanges Delist Privacy Coins due to Regulation

The existence of atomic swaps between Monero and Bitcoin comes at an opportune time and after a few crypto exchanges delisted privacy coins to adapt to most of the regulatory requirements by way of a couple of international governments.

By providing an additional road for the trading of Bitcoin and Monero, atomic swaps are highest for privacy-centric customers to get right of entry to their favorite digital asset of XMR. This reality is further elaborated in the following observation via the group at Comit Network.

Limited buying and selling venues regardless of surging retail user call for for private and fungible money have created a strong demand for these decentralized exchanges. There are greater than double as many reasonable day by day Monero transactions than there have been a yr in the past.

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