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Bitcoin Could Be in the Greed Stage Based on High Leverage Being Used

Bitcoin’s market could have entered the ‘greed degree’ in accordance with the prime leverage being used by way of BTC investorsThe quantity of leverage has greater for the reason that FebruaryThe weekly Bitcoin chart is hinting of exhaustion and a most sensible won’t be too a ways away

The Bitcoin market might have entered the ‘greed stage’. This Is in step with an research performed by means of the CEO of CryptoQuant, Ki Younger Ju, who talked about that BTC traders are continually the use of high leverage.

Moreover, the quantity of leverage getting used by means of Bitcoin investors has greater seeing that February this year. Mr. Younger Ju shared his analysis during the following remark and accompanying chart.

BTC market is within the grasping level.

How a lot leverage other people wager in by-product trading can indicate traders’ worry and greed. It has larger on account that February.

I’m no longer saying bearish, however I regularly recommend buying when it’s in the worry phase.

Bitcoin Could Be in the Greed Stage Based on High Leverage Being Used 13A Bitcoin Top Could Be Near Based Totally at the Weekly Chart

Expanding on the commentary of the CEO of CryptoQuant, on a macro stage, the weekly Bitcoin chart hints at an overbought situation for the King of Crypto. The chart, which is able to be found beneath, is clearly in parabolic territory dwarfing the 2017 bull season by a factor of 3.

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Bitcoin Could Be in the Greed Stage Based on High Leverage Being Used 14

Also from the chart, it can be seen that the weekly MACD is overextended and hinting at an overbought scenario with a pullback in the weeks to observe. Furthermore, the weekly extent is also reducing indicating a reduction in buying. The weekly MFI and RSI also are overbought at values above 80.

To be aware is that the weekly MFI and RSI crossed overbought territory numerous times top as much as the 2017 top. Due To This Fact, if the 2020 – 2021 bull season follows a similar trail, then the top may just be a short lived pause followed by means of a continuation to better levels.

However, if the present Bitcoin marketplace is the same to that of 2019 the place the weekly MFI and RSI were in overbought territory only once, then a top is in sight for BTC.

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