Elon Musk: You will be able to have Tesla Technology with Bitcoin

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk has not been off the agenda with crypto cash lately. After Musk’s bitcoin announcement on social media, cryptocurrencies all at once turned into the time table.

After Elon Musk’s statements approximately crypto money, Tesla tools in the US it was said that buying will now be possible.

A fortify page on Tesla’s website online explains how customers can pay for a Tesla the usage of digital forex.


Elon Musk: You Are Going To have the opportunity to shop for a Tesla Car with Bitcoin

Musk mentioned that folks outdoor the u.s. will quickly find a way to shop for Tesla automobiles with crypto money” later this 12 months “in their personal countries. Musk mentioned that the company uses interior open supply instrument to paintings with bitcoins and doesn’t convert cryptocurrency to fiat forex.

in the firm’s refund policy, Tesla says that if consumers return their electrical vehicles and obtain money back, the corporate will use US bucks or cryptocurrency. gave information that he may just choose to pay again.


Tesla, buy to consumer It states that it reserves the precise to go back it in US greenbacks at the full worth the bitcoin is worth at the time of purchase.

Let’s see if Tesla cars can also be bought with cryptocurrency. in the coming days, new information will proceed to be revealed at the topic. Stay tuned!

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