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Microstrategy’s ‘Bitcoin for Corporations’ Attracted 8,197 Attendees

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Microstrategy held a conference to share their Bitcoin playbook with other global companiesThe event attracted 8,197 attendees from 6,917 enterprisesAll sessions of the conference, including Microstrategy’s Bitcoin playbook, are available for free onlineMicroStrategy’s stock price continues to flourish as a result of adding Bitcoin to its treasury

On the 3rd and 4th of February this week, Microstrategy held their annual user conference which included the ‘Bitcoin for Corporations’ program spearheaded by the company’s CEO, Michael Saylor. According to Mr. Saylor, the Bitcoin program attracted 8,197 attendees from 6,917 different enterprises. Mr. Saylor shared the statistics of the event via the following statement.

Our @MicroStrategy World 2021 was a great success, with 22,031 registrants. The #Bitcoin for Corporations program attracted 8,197 attendees from 6,917 different enterprises. All sessions are free & uploaded here, along with our Bitcoin Corporate Playbook.

SpaceX Attended Microstragy’s Bitcoin Event

As mentioned by Mr. Saylor, all sessions are free including Microstrategy’s Bitcoin corporate playbook that can be accessed via this link.

Amongst the attendees was SpaceX as highlighted by the team at @DocumentingBTC via the following tweet. Attendance by the space exploration company confirms that Elon Musk is indeed interested in adding Bitcoin to its treasuries.

SpaceX attended Microstrategy’s #Bitcoin conference.

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— Documenting Bitcoin ? (@DocumentingBTC) February 4, 2021

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