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We Have a Bitcoin (BTC) Supply Shortage – Pantera Capital CEO


Dan Morehead has mentioned that Bitcoin is experiencing a supply scarcityThis is as a result of institutional patrons equivalent to Paypal scooping up Bitcoin greater than is minedBitcoin’s value is 9 weeks at the back of its tempo towards $115k but will ultimately get there

The CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, has pointed out that there is a rising Bitcoin supply scarcity. in keeping with Mr. Morehead, institutional investors comparable to Paypal are scooping up more Bitcoin than is mined. His research of Bitcoin was once made right through an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box and was as follows.

We have a #Bitcoin scarcity. Buyers like @PayPal are buying more than 100% of newly-issued bitcoin. when you have a couple of big institutional investors each and every buying more than 100% of bitcoin the fee goes to squeeze up.

Bitcoin is 9 Weeks Behind its Tempo to $115k

Additionally, the team at Pantera Capital just lately printed their per 30 days blockchain letter for the month of December in which they mentioned that Bitcoin’s present price was 9 weeks in the back of its pace to $115k.

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The exact worth is behind that ancient projection — however, no longer a ton at the back of. the associated fee lately is purely nine weeks in the back of the pace to get to $115k.

However, the file mentioned that Bitcoin’s worth could get to this value by way of August 2021 based on their analysis of previous effects of Bitcoin halving occasions. Pantera Capital’s analysis of Bitcoin is in accordance with the stock-to-waft style and has been visualized by way of the following chart from their per month record.

We Have a Bitcoin (BTC) Supply Shortage - Pantera Capital CEO 15

We are Still within the Early Innings of a Multi-Year Bull Market

The document by the group at Pantera Capital went on to conclude that Bitcoin and the crypto-markets are at the starting of a possible multi-yr bull market with growing basics.

We believe we’re nonetheless within the early innings of a potential multi-yr bull marketplace fueled via robust macro tailwinds and growing basics in the underlying generation.

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