Bitcoin (BTC) is the Most Manipulated Asset Ever – Dr. Doom

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Professor Nouriel Roubini has classified Bitcoin as the such a lot manipulated asset everThis is after BTC dropped hard from $19,FOUR HUNDRED to $16,THREE HUNDREDHe explained that retail traders had been hoodwinked through whales and ‘shafted as in 2018’Timothy Peterson consents that Bitcoin is manipulatedaccording to Professor Roubini, investing in Bitcoin is like taking your portfolio to a rigged on line casino

Bitcoin’s Dr. Doom, Professor Nouriel Roubini, has again labeled Bitcoin as being ‘probably the most manipulated asset ever’. His statements referring to Bitcoin had been made after the King of Crypto fell from $19,FOUR HUNDRED to the $16,THREE HUNDRED value space in less than FORTY EIGHT hours. in line with Prof. Roubini, retail buyers were once again lured into the marketplace via manipulative whales in a state of affairs similar to 2018.

13% down. So Much manipulated asset ever. As I mentioned the upper it is going the harder it’s going to fall. FOMO-salivating retail suckers hoodwinked via manipulative whales will get shafted as in 2018!

Timothy Peterson, of Cane Island Choice Advisors, set aside his variations with Professor Roubini, to agree that Bitcoin is certainly manipulated. His comments may also be noticed in the following Tweet. Mr. Peterson has published a paper on Bitcoin’s worth manipulation which is to be had online for further study.

I don’t like this men perspectives most often however he’s proper approximately this.

— Timothy Peterson (@nsquaredcrypto) November 26, 2020

Bitcoin is Like Taking Your Portfolio to a Rigged Illegal On Line Casino – Dr. Doom

Professor Nouriel Roubini went on to submit a twelve-part Twitter thread in which he cautioned retail buyers in opposition to being duped by way of manipulative Bitcoin whales.

Bitcoin has no position in institutional or retail investors portfolios. it is now not a currency: no longer an unit of account, now not a scalable strategy of fee & is a highly volatile retailer of value. it’s heavily manipulated: have a look at the research of  Bitfinex via US law enforcement.

Key to his argument is that Bitcoin is not a forex and that it’s highly manipulated using Tether. Furthermore, Bitcoin is not an asset and has 0 intrinsic worth. He in comparison proudly owning Bitcoin to taking your portfolio to a rigged illegal on line casino.

…Tether is used to control the Bitcoin market. And have a look at the new indictment of BitMex and his prison CEO & gang. It has no intrinsic worth, it isn’t sponsored by way of any asset, it is not prison comfortable, it can’t be used to pay taxes.

Bitcoin is No Longer scalable technique of bills. It’s toxic for the surroundings as POS hogs monumental amounts of energy & pollutes the earth

Bitcoin isn’t an asset as it has 0 intrinsic price…So it’s a natural speculative manipulated “asset” & bubble without a elementary value. it’s no longer even an hedge in opposition to chance off episodes: on every occasion shares go down, bitcoin falls so much more.

Investing in BTC is equivalent to take your portfolio to a rigged illegal on line casino & gamble; at least in professional Las Vegas casinos odds aren’t stacked in opposition to you as the ones playing markets aren’t manipulated the best way BTC is. As An Alternative BTC is manipulated closely by way of Tether & whales.

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