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Zeus Capital has again targetted the ChainLink challenge claiming the team carried out an unregistered securities offeringThey claim the founders of ChainLink promised traders that the value of LINK was going to move ‘vertical’Additionally, ChainLink founders keep watch over so much of the environment as is additionally the case with a safetyTimothy Peterson has talked about that the lawsuit towards Chainlink may well be Zeus Capital trying to recoup losses after unsuccessfully shorting HYPERLINK

The group at Zeus Capital has ramped up their accusations against ChainLink (HYPERLINK). The crew just lately compared ChainLink to the SALT project that used to be penalized by the SEC for carrying out an unregistered securities providing. particularly, they mentioned that the ChainLink founders, identical to SALT’s, promised buyers that the fee of LINK might move ‘vertical’.

The SEC stated the token counted as security as a result of Salt instructed buyers that it would take more than a few steps to extend the cost of the tokens and that those tokens might be bought at a benefit on a secondary market.

Sergey Nazarov steadily talks in regards to the $HYPERLINK worth going “vertical” if the universe of blockchains that install it to get real-world adoption. Isn’t this the similar as deceptive traders that it will take quite a lot of steps to extend the token’s worth?

ChainLink Will Sooner Or Later Be Classified as a Security

The crew at Zeus Capital has predicted that ChainLink will in the end be classified as a security according to the founders’ statements that the fee of HYPERLINK might revel in ‘vertical’ movement.

The founders’ statements about expected “vertical” worth motion and SmartContract’s full regulate over the “decentralized” Chainlink surroundings puts considerable possibility that $HYPERLINK will ultimately be classified as a safety.

$22k Already Presented to Folks Offering Data on ChainLink’s ‘Illicit Activities’

Zeus Capital classifying HYPERLINK as a safety comes every week once they offered $100k in rewards for information on ChainLink’s ‘manipulative and illicit practices’. Zeus Capital claims to have already provided $22,760 to these who’ve supplied ‘insightful data on ChainLink’s questionable affairs.’

Below is a tweet from Zeus Capital updating the crypto community at the development of the rewards program.

We would love to thank all contributors, who have reached us with insightful knowledge on @chainlink’s questionable affairs. $22,760 of the praise pool is already paid out, $77,240 looking ahead to new individuals. Sign Up For us right here:

— Zeus Capital (@ZeusCapitalLLP) November 18, 2020

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