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Ethereum Holdings of the Top 10 ETH Whales Drops to a 3 Month Low

In brief:

The ETH holdings of the top 10 Ethereum whales has dropped to a 3 month lowThe drop could signify selling but could also be a case of adoption through numerous DAppsAt the same time, the number of addresses holding 100+ Ethereum has reached an all-time highAdditionally, those holding 32+ ETH and 0.1+ ETH have also hit an all-time high

ETH holdings of the top ten Ethereum whales have dropped to a three month low. This is according to on-chain data courtesy of the team at Santiment. At first glance, the drop seems like Ethereum whales are selling their bags but it could also mean that they are opting to use their ETH thus pleading the case for widespread adoption. This information was shared by Santiment via the following tweet and corresponding chart showing how the ETH bags of the top 10 Ethereum whales have been dropping.

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