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ETH’s Push Above $400 Will Have to Wait for the BTC Party to be Over


Ethereum looked set to retest $400 as a result of general bullishness in the crypto-marketsHowever, Bitcoin’s dominance has continued to grow and ETH might have to wait for the BTC excitement to subsideBitcoin is on a path to close the month of October on a very bullish note

Ethereum’s push towards the crucial $400 price area is once again being delayed by a bullish Bitcoin stealing the spotlight and capital away from altcoins such as ETH. For the month of October, Bitcoin has stolen the show in terms of trade volume and market cap dominance in the crypto markets.

In the next few hours, Bitcoin (BTC) will once again dominate the headlines as it closes the month of October in what looks like the highest monthly close since it was introduced to the crypto-verse 12 years ago. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $13,831 and looks set to close the month at this level or even above $14k.

Ethereum’s Push Above $400 Will Have to Wait For the BTC Party to Be Over

Earlier today, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Gemini Exchange, Tyler Winklevoss, pointed out that Bitcoin’s bullish momentum was just getting started. According to Mr. Winklevoss, the Bitcoin party is just beginning and more BTC gains are expected in the near future. His bullish comments regarding Bitcoin can be found in the Tweet below.

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#Bitcoin chilling at 13.5k and it’s not even Halloween! Like I said before, this party hasn’t even started

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