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Celsius Network Integrates 35 ChainLink (LINK) Price Feeds


Celsius Network has integrated 35 Chainlink price feedsChainLink’s price oracles will be used to provide real-time reliable data for DeFi products on the Celsius NetworkChainLink has also launched its ZRX/ETH price feed to further boost the DeFi industryCoinfirm is also using ChainLink oracles for its AML processes

The adoption of the ChainLink (LINK) network to power DeFi platforms continues to expand at an impressive rate. Earlier today, the team at ChainLink announced that the Celsius Network has integrated 35 of its price feeds to provide accurate data for DeFi products on the latter platform. Below is the announcement from the team at ChainLink regarding the same.

.@CelsiusNetwork has integrated 35 Chainlink Price Feeds to power its pricing services. This includes checking user balances in the Celsius Explorer App, in back-office pricing systems, and upcoming tracking of users’ weekly rewards & Ethereum gas prices.

— Chainlink – Official Channel (@chainlink) October 29, 2020

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky further explained that the partnership with ChainLink will boost decentralization and increase the transparency of the platform.

Our partnership with Chainlink is a key driver to the gradual decentralization and increased transparency of the Celsius platform as a whole. Instead of completely overhauling our successful business model, we are able to use Chainlink to decentralize critical pieces of our systems like pricing, monitoring, and in-app functions, while retaining the same lucrative benefits afforded to Celsius users, such as weekly rewards and low-cost loans

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Adoption of ChainLink Technology Continues

News of the Celsius Network integrating ChainLink technology comes only hours after the team at ChainLink announced that they had launched their new ZRX/ETH price feed for use in the budding DeFi ecosystem.

Additionally, the Blockchain analytics and AML company of Coinfirm is now using ChainLink to make its data available across blockchains. Coinfirm provides anti-money laundering and risk analytics data for blockchain to major companies in the industry. The team at Coinfirm explained that the growing DeFi industry needs to address compliance and ChainLink oracles can provide a means for users to get answers on demand.

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