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Tron’s JustSwap Hits New Milestone of Over $20M in Total Trade Volume

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Tron’s JustSwap was launched on the 18th of August.The majority of JustSwap’s trade volume was in the first 24hrs by handling 33,169 transactions.However, the JustSwap team discovered fake tokens on the platform forcing them to whitelist projects.In 5 days, JustSwap has handled over $20 Million in trade volume.

The JustSwap decentralized token exchange platform was launched on the 18th of August and within the first 24hrs, the Just team had recorded an impressive $10 Million in trade volume. However, the team at Just discovered that some unscrupulous individuals were listing fake tokens on JustSwap. As a result, the JustSwap team has implemented a whitelisting process that will weed out fake tokens on the platform.

JustSwap Hits 33,169 Txns in 24 Hours

By the second day, JustSwap had handled an impressive 33,169 transactions. Justin Sun was quick to point out that such a number meant that JustSwap was unofficially ranked number 2 with Uniswap taking the top spot. He made these comments via Twitter and provided an image for comparison purposes.

The first 24H TXS of #JUSTSWAP was 33,169, making it No. 2 in the world next only to Uniswap V2, and almost 5X that of Balancer. How many days will it to become the No. 1? #TRON $TRX #JUST $JST @DeFi_JUST

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— Justin Sun? (@justinsuntron) August 20, 2020

Over $20 Million in Trade Volume Handled

JustSwap has since reached $20 Million in trade volume since its launch on the 18th of August. The team at JustSwap made the announcement earlier today via the following Tweet.

#JustSwap in 5 days reached a mark of 20Million Dollars in Volume!???#JustSwap #TRON #JUST

— JUST (@DeFi_JUST) August 22, 2020

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