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Ethereum (ETH) Addresses Holding Between $1 – $10 Rises to 15 Million


The number of Ethereum addresses holding between $1 and $10 currently stands at 15 millionThis is almost two times higher than those of Bitcoin holding a similar amountEthereum continues to be the favorite for those transacting on the blockchainEthereum has also dominated trending topics after ETH broke $400

The number of Ethereum (ETH) addresses holding between $1 and $10 has hit a cool 15 million. This number is almost twice the value of Bitcoin addresses of 7.55 million holding a similar amount. Ethereum eclipsing Bitcoin in this metric was captured by the team at Coinmetrics via the following tweet and accompanying chart demonstrating this fact.

There are close to 15M ETH addresses holding between $1 and $10 compared to about 7.55M for BTC.

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— (@coinmetrics) October 20, 2020

Ethereum Breaking $400 Was a Top Trending Topic

This past week has also been eventful due to the news of PayPal offering crypto services as well as news of the company considering the acquisition of several crypto companies including BitGo. As a result, PayPal has been a top trending crypto topic this week.

Also in the list of trending topics, was Ethereum breaking $400 and the possibility of ETH continuing to gain value in the crypto markets.

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The aforementioned crypto trending topics were captured by the team at Santiment as seen below.

The past day’s top trending #crypto topics included:

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